Sunday, October 10, 2010

Experimental Garden October Bloom Report

Aw Fall is in the air.  Still having temps in the 80s and dry as a bone.  They say this will dilute our fall color but that is yet to be seen.  So far in the Experimental Garden we have a dogwood [Cornus florida] giving us color.

The buds on the dogwood are promises of blooms to come.

The colorful dogwood seeds have been eaten by birds or have fallen.

We still have our marigolds and begonias - give thanks for the annuals that keep on giving.

 If you look fast you may see the honey bee on the pink begonia.  It took many trys to catch her because she was so intent on collecting pollen.  There are not a lot of opportunities this time of year.

Annual Salvia

You may have guessed I am not very good on names of flowers.  This one I call Fred's flower as it was given to me by my friend who passed on many years ago.  It pops up different places in the experimental garden and we always welcome it.  [Cockscomb, Celosia]

This Sedum continues to change color but it is still lovely.

This Sedum was given to me by my daughter when she moved (three moves ago) and it is getting ready to bloom.  The leaves are changing color.  Love those late bloomers.  Daughter probably knows the name of it [Should be Dragon's Blood Sedum - D], check out her blog here.

Mum and beagle should not be used in the same sentence. 

One last hopeful, brocolli, hopefully it will bloom one day soon.
Hope spring eternal in the heart of a gardener.  I read that somewhere.  Oh yeah, it is on a stepping stone in the experimental garden, covered with weeds right now.