Saturday, June 15, 2013

June bloom

To say we had some rain in the last week, is an understatement.

This is my road after 4".  These are not puddles but two places that the stream has flowed over the road. 

Thank goodness the stream that was overflowing is back in it's banks.

This all started with one peppermint crinum plant.  Now we can get up to 50 blooms from the expanded plant.

My husband tried for years to get a hydranga to live in our experimental garden.  This one finally made it.  It is three or four years old now. 

Maybe I will add a little lime and see what happens.  Below gives you an idea how big the blooms are.

Beware those bulbs in a box that they sell at the grocery store.  Will they really grow?  Just gets bigger each year.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Garden Tour

 This garden tour is for Millie.

Thornless Blackberries are covered with blooms, can hardly wait, yum, yum.

Several varieties of blueberries are getting ready to produce and this promises to be a good year.

 A very small purple iris.
 Banana tree grove has about 14 so far.  Big ones are growing from the old trunks and lot of babies.  The largest are about eight feet high.

The pot grew back from last year and the frog is a begonia.

This is one of the wandering iris.
They have shown up in an area where we do not mow.

And are trying to take over the fish pond.

First day lillies, Stella Dora

 Candy Cane Crinum

Dragon Wing Begonia

Stay tuned...