Friday, July 15, 2011

Experimental Garden July Bloom Report

Ahhh July, in NC, 90/90, temp and humidity and the three H's, hot, humid, hazy.

My sister the Master Gardener introduced us to Moon Flowers
(Ipomoea alba)
years ago.  One evening we discovered something very fast feasting on the blooms.  After much observation we found a moth.  Our gardener in training decided to take a picture but I was sure this was not possible.  Below is the picture he took.

Our  entomologist identified it as a pink hawk spotted moth.  We were then able to register it as being found in our county.

That is not the only thing exciting about this flower.  It blooms at night and you can watch the bud open.  I cannot do time lapse so here is the next best thing.  These pictures were taken when it was trying to rain.

 Bud on the left is from yesterday, on the right is getting ready to open.

A few minutes later.

A few minutes later, the excitement is building...

As the storm built I had to take a picture of another one in full bloom.

Such a beautiful flower, fragrant, but the vine looks just like our wild morning glories.

We also learned that the pink hawk spotted moth lays it eggs in sweet potato vine and the caterpillars grow up there, so we always plant the vine near the moon flowers.


After all that excitement, we move on the the annuals that are blooming now.

Volunteer black eyed susans.



And my favorite banana trees.

OK, everything here in the garden is an experiment.  But the seed package said bell peppers.  Am I wrong, or are these some other kind of pepper?

Cukes on the fence.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

visit from the neighbors

Our neighbor brought her twins over for us to see.

Junior stay away from that bee hive.

She did not want them playing around that gas can.  So they left.  Guess we need to pick up stuff that might be dangerous to the children.