Thursday, April 14, 2011

Experimental Garden April Bloom Report

So much has happened in the Experimental Garden since the last bloom report. 

Each fall we plant several large pots by filling them half-way with soil, placing lots of bulbs around the edge and in the center, filling the rest of the way with soil and topping them off with violas and pansies.  That way we have blooms all winter and great surprises in the spring when the bulbs come up.

Of course azelas are abundant in NC and we have a few at the Experimental garden.

Have you ever wondered where marshmellows come from?  We grow them at the Experimental Garden.  Simply pick one complete with the stick, roast over an open fire, add chocolate and graham crackers.  Thanks to darling daughter for the marshmellow bush which she left for us to care for when she moved. 

We also grow frogs and toads at the Experimental Garden.  Things should be hopping in the water garden and we have several of the big tadpoles which I assume are bullfrogs plus hundreds of the small ones.

 The big experiment this year is growing veggies, herbs, and flowers from seed in the new greenhouse.  This greenhouse depends solely on solar heat so things started slow.  But you can see the tomatoes are growing. 
Several weeks ago.


Do not forget the beautiful Dogwoods, watched over by the Barred Owl.

Happy spring.

Editors note:  Dates depicted on the photos are not valid, not to be depended on, not the opinion of the editorial staff, and will hopefully be corrected once the photographer learns how to change the date in the camera.