Monday, February 14, 2011

Experimental Garden February Bloom Report

Spring is on the way.  There is now one hour more of sunlight than there was at winter solestice.  We have a flock of robins in the neighborhood.  The birds are starting to sing.

Pansies are a little worse for the wear and tear of winter, but they will get better soon.

This camilia never managed to bloom thanks to Ole Man Winter.

Forsythia buds are just aching to burst into bloom.

Daffodils are up.  Won't be long now.

 Last summer we built a small greenhouse.  OK, we had friend Dave assemble it for us. 
This will be our first spring experimenting with growing from seeds.  Do we know what we are doing?
Everything we do is an experiment.  I plan to start some seeds this week and see what happens.  Think of all the money we will save growing from seeds instead of buying plants!

Remember the famous quote from a rock: