Thursday, March 29, 2012

Experimental banana trees

Our banana grove grows each year.  We usually cut off all the trees before the first frost.  Last year we tried an experiment and left two trees with just the leaves cut off. 

During the long hard winter ;)  ;), one broke off about midway. Now the trees are coming up.  The one that broke off has new leaves coming out the top and it is now 3 feet tall.

The one that broke off is shown with a yard stick.  The tallest one on the right does not show any signs of leaves yet.  In the background are many shoots coming up out of the ground. 

Another update: 

See the tomatoes grown from seeds?   Notice the trowel to show how big they are.  Ready to go in the ground.

Flowers from seeds donated by darling daughter.  Ready to go.

Com'on summer, we are ready.

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