Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Bloom Report

Everyone seems to be enjoying early spring this year.  We are no exception in NC.

The last of some of the spring bloomers include this daffodil.  We have had daffodils blooming since January but they are about finished. 

 This has been the best winter we have ever seen in the Experimental Garden for Camillia.  In the past the deer have stripped the leaves and blooms off the bushes.  Not this year and we have enjoyed more blooms than ever before.

However we did have one problem.  Squirrels picked the blooms off and we found them all over the place. 

 The pansies have bloomed all winter and due to the mild winter they have been showier than ever.

The forsythia is in full bloom now 

As well as this beautiful red shrub.  It has thorns but I do not know the name of the plant, do you Diana?
The bees are all over this bush today.

Oh ye nay sayers observe.  When I planted seeds in January in the unheated green house you scoffed.
it was too early you said.

Carrots need to be separated.

Tomatoes are taking off.

I will need to find space to plant the flowers that are starting.

 Com'on summer, bring it on.


  1. When I was growing up (in much cooler climes than my current home), we had your lovely red bush in the front garden. It's Chaenomeles or flowering quince, but Mum always called it Japonica and usually had a few sprigs of it artistically arranged in a vase when it was in flower.

  2. I love that your seeds are doing well. I didn't start mine until two weeks ago, and I'm wishing I'd started sooner. Maybe next year!

  3. I second the flowering quince suggestion. Maybe you get little quinces later in the season?